Cash Splash is a fantastic Microgaming slot machine you can play in your swimwear.

Cash Splash is available in both three and five-reel versions. However, the 5-reel game tends to be more popular due to its potential for winning prizes.

This game has all the features that we love and know from Microgaming. Wilds and scatters help create that cash pool you want to jump into. The progressive jackpot is also a great way to win big money. It builds up every day as players all over the globe get involved.

Splash Dive

Cash Splash has no gimmicks or hidden extras. It’s just good quality slot games that offer both simplicity and excitement. You will instantly recognize the gameplay – if you’ve played slots like this before, you probably have.

Cash Splash is a fun game to play on your mobile or computer. The graphics and symbols are vibrant and colorful. It’s also easy to play and set up: select your bet amount by clicking the red buttons on the bottom of the page, then click spin.

Fans of retro games will love the old-school graphics in this slot. Even the main symbols of the game – Cherries 7s and BARs – have a vintage feel to them.

This basic slot game is different!

The Cash Rush

The players will always try to match at least three of the same symbols on a single payline to win the prize. The amount they bet is up to them, but it’s evident that the higher the bet you make, the larger the prize you win. The progressive jackpot is only available for those who wager the maximum amount. The player can choose to bet big or at their usual rate.

Cash Splash is a 5-reel slot with 15 paylines. With nine symbols, many opportunities exist to win a quintuple, quadruple, or treble.

If the Cash Splash icon appears on the fifteenth payline, and you’ve placed the maximum bet on that spin, you’ll win the progressive jackpot.

Oh Cherry Baby

Cash Splash is made up of classic fruit machine icons. Cash Splash has Cherries, Lucky Number 7s, single, double, and tripartite BAR symbols, all of which have their prizes.

Wilds can cause a stir if they appear three times or more on adjacent reels. It will not only substitute for other symbols on the game board, but it can also help to fill the gaps between winning combinations. It will also multiply the prize. If a Cash Splash symbol is present in a winning combination, the compensation will be paid as usual. Two characters will quadruple it, and three will pay out the entire progressive jackpot.

You can also help with the scatter symbol, simply the word Scatter. Three of them will pay out a prize. This is 4x,50x, and 250x, for three, four,, and five.

Make a splash

There’s no reason not to play this entertaining Microgaming slot game. The game ticks all the boxes: fun gameplay, simplicity, and a huge jackpot. These are the main concerns of most players.

The theme may be inconsistent, and the symbols seem a bit dated, but the age of a slot player is only determined by how old they feel. Cash Splash offers a variety of winning opportunities, a progressive jackpot that is constantly increasing, and three or five-reel play.

Cashanova Slot

This slot game is no exception. Slot makers always seek a clever pun to name their new creation.Cashanova = Casanova.We love it.

When you think of Casanova, you probably start picturing a romantic theme, which includes cherubs, red roses, and hearts. You won’t see any of these symbols in this game. Roger, a suave rooster, is the star. Obviously!

You’re starting to realize this is an exciting twist on a theme!

The game is entertaining, not only because of the theme but also the gameplay. This slot has 30 paylines and five reels. It is full of bonus rounds and unique features.

Clucky in love

Roger is the star of the show. While there’s a love theme, it’s clear that Roger is the man. Roger, the rooster in the smoking jacket, takes the lead as he attempts to attract Henrietta. She is a gorgeous hen, according to Roger.

The theming on this game is excellent. This game is unique in genre and has a high-quality design that adds to enjoyment without being too overwhelming.

Along with a cartoon Roger and the theme of love in the farmyard (I bet you didn’t think you would see a game like this!)The symbols continue with whipped crème, fruit arranged suggestively, champagne, and a copy of HenHouse Magazine. Here are no boring playing cards symbols!

Do not count your chickens.

This slot machine does not have any playing card symbols. Various themed images instead replace them.

Roger the Rooster can be used as a wild symbol to replace all characters except scatter and bonus symbols. He doesn’t multiply winning combinations. However, there are many other ways to do this throughout the game.

The scatter symbol is the rather (in-)appropriately called HenHouse Magazine. You’ll get a multiplier of 2x if you hit three, 10x if you hit four, and 100x if you reach five.

Barn Bonus Round

You can activate this round by hitting the key symbol on any reels 1, 2, or 3. The game board will change to a barn with a sleeping dog before a closed door. You must locate the key in each marked place and win cash prizes. You can continue winning cash by selecting until you find the key or the dog is awakened.

You can help Roger get Henrietta’s attention by choosing one of four different gifts, each of which is worth a cash prize.

Free Range Bonus

You can earn free spins with the Free Range Bonus. This bonus round is activated by spinning the free range symbol anywhere on reels 3, 4, and 5. This round will give you free spins, a multiplier, and a guaranteed win amount.

You will first choose the number of free spins, the multiplier, and the amount you are guaranteed to win for each spin.

The twist.

A Clucking Big Jackpot

Cashanova’s 750,000 coin jackpot is one of its most notable features. While you cannot retrigger the free spins during the Free Range Bonus round, you can still win a guaranteed amount of coins for each spin. This adds up to a huge jackpot.

Does it Make Sense to Put All My Eggs into This Basket?

Absolutely! It’s a great place to visit!

This game is unique and has a great theme. It’s a lot of fun. The graphics are good without being distracting.

This game is an excellent example of a game that doesn’t let you down. This slot is fun, but the bonus rounds make it.

This game is not only fun, but it also has a massive jackpot potential of 750,000!